Instruction Manual


X-Brain Method


Developed By Element Forex


Welcome to the X-Brain Method Instruction Manual. It will be quick and short since most of the work is done by the indicator itself.

In order to run X-Brain Method, you will need to install MT4. It is a free platform that all brokers provide. If you have an account with a broker, you should already have it or you can easily download it directly from them.


Files Included
  • X-Brain Method.EXE
  • X-Brain Method STANDARD.TPL
  • X-Brain Method SCALPING.TPL
  • X-Brain Method LONGTERM.TPL

How to install
1. Run the EXE file in the ZIP file. You will see the installer. Select your main MT4 folder and the Install button will get activated. Click Install.

You should see a Successful Installed message like this…

2. Paste the TPL files in your “Templates” folder. To do this, open MT4 and scroll up to File > Open Data Folder > Templates and drop the files there.

3. Enable DLL Imports by scrolling up to Tools and selecting Options. In the Expert Advisors tab, be sure there is a check-mark in the box.

4. Open any MT4 chart with any currency pair/time frame and load any of the templates that you want. STANDARD is the recommended one. You will be prompted with a window to insert your license key. Paste it in the field and click Register.

5. Your X-Brain Method system should be set and ready. The chart will look like this.




There are a few settings that you can change. They are:

  • Color Theme
  • Sound Settings
  • Email Alerts
  • SMS Alerts
  • Desktop Alerts
  • MT4 Alerts

Any other settings you should NOT touch as the templates have the best settings built into them. Changing the numbers can alter results. Only make changes if you know what you’re doing.

Color Themes

Sound Alerts

The X-Brain Method comes with 2 sound alert features. One on MT4 and one on your Desktop. They both sound at the same time however, you can enable and disable the ones of your choice.

  • XBrain Sound: Alerts shows using the regular MT4 alert message
  • XBrain Alert: Alerts shows using the X-Brain Method dialog window on your System Tray.
  • TraderAlert: Alerts showing BOTH.

Email Alerts

SMS Mobile Alerts


X-Brain Method comes with 3 key templates.


The Scalping Template is for time frames M1-M5 and will show more signals. This is for traders who want more trades in a day

The Standard Template is for time frames M15-H1 which will give intra-day signals and is recommended for most traders. It gives more than enough signals to be profitable.

The Long Term Template is for time frames H4 to Monthly and is ideal for traders who want to make the most amount of profit in a single trade. There will be fewer signals but the signals that it gives will have a very high profit potential. Usually bankers and huge investors prefer this method.


Currently, for best results, we find that these are the recommended currency pairs and time frames to use.
EUR/USD > H4, D1, W, M
GBP/USD > H1, H4, D1, W, M
GBP/JPY > H1, H4, D1, W, M
EUR/JPY > H1, H4, D1, W, M
GBP/AUD > H1, H4, D1, W, M
USD/CAD > H1, H4, D1, W, M
NZD/USD > H1, H4, D1, W, M
AUD/USD > H1, H4, D1, W, M

Please note that it will work on all currency pairs and time frames however they require more experience and monitoring.

This one is EASY! Simply enter when you see a Buy/Sell Message in The X-Brain Method dashboard as well as an Audio Alert on your MT4 and desktop.



Taking profits using The X-Brain Method is very easy! There are 2 things you can do when taking profits.

Method 1

Exit at the dashed channel bands. If you entered a Sell, then you must exit at the lower channel band, if you entered a Buy, then you must exit at the upper channel band. For Stop-Loss, you can use the suggested amount(in pips) from the table below.

Method 2

Use the classic Element Forex suggested take profit and stop-loss.

That’s it! You should be trading like a pro once you get the hang of The X-Brain Method. If you still have questions, feel free to drop us a message.

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